Intuition and the Creation of a Better World

Intuition in Healing

Judy Jacka

Judy Jacka is one of the leading naturopaths in Australia. She has written many books including: Natural Therapies, The Politics and Passion; Healing Through Earth Energies; Meditation, The Most Natural Therapy; A-Z of Natural Therapies. From 1972-1988 Judy was Principal, and from 1988-1999 Chairperson, of the Southern School of Natural Therapies in Melbourne. This article was written for Intuition in Service.

Healing is a form of white magic. Our real inner self or soul is always in perfect health but our form, or personality, can become ill at the physical, emotional or mental level. Healing helps to re-create the form in keeping with the pattern or plan of the soul, for our personality should become a perfect expression of our soul.

Many healers consider they work by intuition. We need to define intuition so as to establish some criteria for these claims. It is true that most healers use some kind of extra-sensory touch or sight to perform their work but such perceptions are not always spiritual. As soon as we move into the area of psychic perception we are in a veritable minefield of possibilities. Glamour and illusion can very easily creep into the healer's perception and there are many ways that distortion can manifest.

Intuition is sometimes called pure reason or straight knowledge. This faculty comes from our inner spiritual levels. Intuition in relation to healing is a form of direct perception or a process of clear knowing. This is a soul faculty and is therefore infallible once a person has been rightly trained in its use. It is a blend of mental and spiritual perception and this enables the healer unerringly to put his/her finger on the place of difficulty and to know its cause, its effect and its end.

Our Inner Constitution & Transcendent Experiences Perhaps we should explore the concept of the soul more fully and look briefly at our various levels of consciousness so that we can put the intuition into perspective. Our personality has three levels familiar to us all. We have a physical body with sensations such as pain, pleasure, heat, cold, and pressure. Surrounding this physical body is the sphere of energy associated with our emotions both positive and negative such as happiness, devotion, delight, anger, jealousy, and greed. Further surrounding and interpenetrating this emotional sphere is an energy body relating to our thoughts. This is known as our mental body and it organises mundane details of our daily life such as earning money, planning holidays, or choosing recreation or our wardrobe, and the many other thoughts involving our daily lives.

We can all recognise that these are our conscious experiences in daily living. But we also have higher faculties beyond the personality life, which are expressions of our soul life. Research in the psychological area has found that the majority of individuals at some time in their life have an experience at least once where they transcend the common level of personality functioning. These transcendent experiences are very positive and often change how our life is viewed and we are never quite the same thereafter. Such experiences can come from being enraptured by nature, listening to inspiring music, being with a loved one or perhaps in meditation. Near-death experiences are also a source of transcendent experiences, often the individual comes back into life with a totally changed perspective especially in relation to experiences of unconditional love and light.

These special experiences come from levels that are the higher correspondence to our personality. It is from these transcendent, spiritual or intuitional levels that we most often experience bliss. To experience intuition it is essential that our emotional nature becomes serene and stable. Regular meditation and reflective thought is the best method for controlling our feelings in a natural and gradual manner, together with a creative life in which service to humanity and our planet plays a part.

The Development of Intuition

So intuition develops when we have learnt to control, but not suppress our emotional or desire nature. But something else important is needed in the process. For we need some way to distinguish intuitions from the lower psychic or emotional counterpart. It is the developed and discriminating mind that can fulfil this role. The higher level of the mind plays this part and this more abstract part of the mind is close to our inner essence of soul. On our spiritual journey we gradually forge links in consciousness between our lower mind, our soul and our higher mind. It is the higher mind that allows us to play with ideas and to develop true discrimination. In the healing process this faculty of discrimination allows us to understand the true cause of disease in the one to be healed. Thus the discriminating mind can be used in conjunction with the intuition to interpret the information received by the intuition.

Intuition could be further defined as truth apart from the reasoning process; this is apprehension of the essence and an innate perception that distinguishes between false and true. In the healing process, apprehension of the essence allows the healer to understand the inner motives of the one to be healed and also to understand the essence of the problem. The perception that can distinguish between the true and false is obviously essential for the healer so as to find the true cause of disease and also the correct remedy. There is also a need to blend the head and heart (or intellect with love) and this is very valuable in the healing process. For we can then have total empathy with the patient and yet retain our critical faculty to choose the right way of healing without being overcome by the suffering of the person concerned.

In a practical sense, the control of the feeling and thought nature in the healer allows universal love to develop as distinct from personal love. It is this unconditional love or pure understanding that allows the healer to understand the cause of the disease. The discriminating mind is used in understanding causes of disease and also to select the right remedy or processes that will return the client to health. Spiritual perception and intuition is thus developed after we have learned to blend pure love with the use of the higher mind.

Intuition versus Instinct

To use the intuition in healing we need therefore to have a serene emotional nature and a focussed mind so as to be open to intuition. We can then face the patient with a degree of detachment and yet remain close to our soul. We also need to have a developed and discriminating mind with which to test our intuitions. We listen to the patient's story while remaining poised and alert รท then suddenly we have a flash and we can understand the problem and its true cause. Having received this intuition we test it against the information received by our mind so as to interpret the situation adequately. We can then proceed with the right feedback to the patient and mirror back the problem, and this will hopefully evoke the soul of the patient. The healer working in this way becomes a spiritual midwife who invokes the soul of the patient to augment any healing procedures.

Let us take an example now of two healers at work. The patient comes complaining of a bloated abdomen with flatulence and periods of abdominal pain. Many foods tend to disagree with her digestive capacity. Let us say that the first healer has little medical knowledge and practices a type of clairvoyance and instinct that she erroneously calls intuition. In addition this healer is one who suffers from a similar type of problem herself and is thus conditioned emotionally and mentally to project her experience onto the patient. For when a healer looks at someone psychically they must of necessity look through their own aura at the person. If their emotions and minds are conditioned in a particular direction they will see what they expect to see and can thus distort the true picture.

So this healer may diagnose the problem as Candida (Thrush) infection because she is allowing her emotional and mental condition to colour her psychic sight and instinct. She instructs the patient to go on a Candida diet that includes the removal of all carbohydrates, gives some herbs for Candida and does some energy balancing. After a month the patient is only marginally improved and the pain is more severe at times so she is starting to become worried. She decides to go to another healer.

The second healer has spent many years doing regular meditation and various disciplines both to clear her emotional and mental nature of blockages and to promote the higher faculties. She is not clairvoyant but has developed spiritual perception/intuition and uses her mind in a discriminating manner. She takes a careful case history and notes that the pain occurs during certain times of the menstrual cycle and that the patient is apparently infertile.

The healer suddenly has a clear picture that this woman before her has endometriosis (overgrowth of tissue) manifesting as cysts on the ovaries. After receiving this perception she realises that it fits with the history of periodic pain and bloating. So she is using her discriminating mind to check that it is the right intuitive diagnosis. She is thus able to direct her physical treatment to the real physical cause, using herbs and her skills in balancing the energy field of the patient. Furthermore, because intuition is able to cut through the psyche to the underlying problem, she discerns that the inner cause relates to a fear of pregnancy and she is thus able to address the inner cause of the problem.

The Role of Mind in Developing Intuition

From a limited perspective, we may think that intuition can be developed without the need for any great intelligence or mental development. However, the development of the discriminating and abstract mind should take place before we strive for the intuitive faculty. For once we have developed our intelligence, intuitive flashes can be tested by the use of the discriminative faculty so as to distinguish these flashes from mere hunches or instinct. Without the use of the mind we have no way of checking our intuitions.

In summary we could say that intuition is the development of a faculty that is part of our spiritual journey back to the source of our being. It is related to our ability to be conscious at the level of our inner essence or soul, the soul being closely related to our higher mind. Pure intuition comes via our higher mind. All great healers have developed the capacity for love/wisdom and the use of intuition.

Intuition has the quality of synthesis because it is like a coherent light that cuts through all obstacles. The writings of Alice Bailey, offer the thought that: "The keynote of the new yoga will be synthesis; its objective will be conscious development of the intuitive faculty. This development will fall into two categories: first, the development of the intuition and of true spiritual perception, and secondly, the trained utilisation of the mind as an interpreting agent."(1)


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