Intuition and the Creation of a Better World

Lipson, Michael

By exercising our consciousness, we can shift the conceptual style by which we know the world. The direction of the shift we are seeking is easy to say — toward the source of all that is good — but not so easy to find and practice. If we do practice it, we find the world will change in three ways. First, we will perceive the world differently: it becomes more meaningful. Second, we will respond to this new world more creatively: we will add meaning to it. Third, meditation works directly in the invisible, and changes the world at its heart.

Michael Lipson, Stairway of Surprise : Six Steps to a Creative Life. Hudson, NY, Anthrosophic Press, 2002. P. 14

Behind the initial, denotative meaning of a meditative sentence or image or natural object, there lie other meanings toward which I can project my intuitive sensing. This means letting go of the sentence, image, or object, while staying on track with its gesture or staying within its neighborhood of meaning. If I succeed in feeling the next-higher meaning or meanings, these cannot necessarily be expressed with any other words than those of the initial meditation sentence, for example; yet, now this sentence has power and life it never had before.

Michael Lipson, Group Meditation. Great Barrington, MA, Steiner Books, 2011. pp. 38 - 39

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