Intuition and the Creation of a Better World

Scharma, Otto

"Presencing", a blend of the words "presence" and "sensing", refers to the ability to sense and bring into the present one's highest future potential and acting from that state of heightened awareness in the now. That type of personal connection to your future is something very distinct. It involves your mind, your heart, empathy. It also involves your deeper sense of self, who you really are, and what you feel your real calling is here on this planet at this point in time. It involves more dimensions than your usual learning process where we reflect on past experience and try to draw conclusions from it. ...
Presencing is about intuition in a way. Its about connecting to the sources of deeper creativity of our deeper sense of self. There’s probably an overlap between intuition and presencing. Presencing is connecting to our highest future possibility and that’s what I refer to as the capital ‘S’ Self.

Otto Scharmer, 'Presencing : an interview with Otto Scharmer by Diederick Janse and Jeroen Maes' in Kosmos Journal, fall/winter 2011, p. 52 & 55 [an edited version of the teleseminar interview available at]

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