Intuition and the Creation of a Better World

Baring, Anne

A culture grounded on extraversion alone will not survive because its values are too shallow to sustain it through the kind of crisis we now face. But there is a new consciousness coming into being ÷ I will call it quantum consciousness ÷ prepared and mediated by many thousands of individuals. With it, all things are possible. With its help, we can change our image of reality and the crystallized habits in which we are imprisoned because we don't know how to trust the heart and the imagination. The answers to our questions cannot come from the incomplete consciousness of the intellect but from a deeper revelation that may be born from our instincts, a new mythology of the whole of life as a divine unity. There is, in this new myth, no essential distinction between transcendent and immanent life; as the mystics have always told us, the distinction and the dualism are in our distorted perception of reality. The divine is what we are. We are eternally in the divine. This revelation above all others may heal our heart.

Anne Baring, in David Lorimer (ed),The Spirit of Science, p. 356

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