Intuition and the Creation of a Better World

Kindred, Glennie

Most of us have not been encouraged to develop our intuitive sides and our minds are often so full of our own internal chatter that we are unaware of our intuitive responses when they do happen. They come and they go, and we often barely register them. When we do, we quickly forget them or ignore them in favour of the rational view. Our conditioned belief is that the intuition is not real, it is of no importance (therefore give it no time or energy), and it is not to be trusted or acted upon ... When in fact the opposite is true.

Learning to receive and to trust these hidden and previously underestimated parts of ourselves requires that we look at our old beliefs about this, reframe them and tell ourselves a new story. Once we decide to engage with our receptive selves as well as our active selves, and learn to trust our own experiences and senses, the doors will open to this delightfully rich and natural part of who we also are.

Glennie Kindred, Letting in the Wild Edges, East Meon, Hants, Permanent Publications, 2013. p. 10

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