Intuition and the Creation of a Better World

Sardello, Robert

The three shaping forces of the present world - science, technology, and economics - are extremely important because they give the soul something to push against in order for it to come into its central place as capable of making a world. When soul-making implies that these factors are wrong and that an alternate world is what is being sought by turning to soul, then we do not have soul but escapism. The danger that arises when there is not adequate balance to these outlooks is that we relinquish to these realms what belongs essentially to the work of soul. For every advance in the domains of science, technology, and economics, two steps are needed in soul work to keep from losing sight of soul. Science must be met by equal disciplines of careful research and observation of the inner side of things in order to complement knowing through the mind with knowing through the heart. Technology must be met at every step by an equal interest in how soul can actually function in the world, the challenge of practicing soul-work in the world. Economics must be balanced by learning care of the soul so that meaning does not come to be equated with outer possessions.

Robert Sardello, Love and the Soul: Creating a Future for Earth, pp. xvii-xviii

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