Intuition and the Creation of a Better World

Thakar, Vimala

In the sacred emptiness of silence, flows the Life Force, the infinite creativity in the form of the human body without any resistance from any corner of that being. Ordinarily when the creativity of that totality or wholeness whispers in our hearts there is resistance. The 'I', the 'Me' assuming the airs of wisdom, knowledge and experience, retorts back to the wisdom of the Creativity and says: "What you are suggesting is not practical. It is not adaptable in my social life, in my family life".

When there is the ending of the momentum of the total human past, and there is a release, as it were, from the prison-house of the 'Me' as a separate entity then the creativity of the whole Life can manifest its activisation and can flow through all the layers of that human form without any obstacle. The idea of the 'Me' and the identification with that idea of the 'Me', is the greatest obstruction to the flow of creativity, to the flow of innocency in our lives.

In the silence, innocency reigns supreme. In the emptiness of silence, there is no obstruction of knowledge, memory. There is no resistance of the 'Me' introducing psychological time and saying to the creative energy "Not now, tomorrow, next year". The 'Me' arrests the flow of creativity and wants to adapt it, wants to pour it into the mould of social norms and value-structures. Then it is only the ashes of creativity that remain there, which the 'Self', the 'Me' holds in its fist and says: 'I had an inspiration, I had a glimpse.' It wants to hold onto that experience.

Vimala Thakar, Himalayan Pearls, pp. 48-49

... the Yoga Sutras [of Patanjali] analyse the mystery of life into 2 different kinds of energies – the seeing energy – drik shakti or drashta and the seen energy – the drishya or darshan shakti. The objective material world is called the drishya or darshar shakti – that which is seen, that which can be observed. And mankind with its consciousness, having the seed of pure seeing, having the potential of pure seeing, is the seer. As we contain self-consciousness, we also contain the energy of pure seeing – pure perception, which we have not explored. We have been so busy with the self consciousness and its acquisitions and its possessions that we have no time to look at this potential in us of being a pure seer.

Vimala Thakar, Yoga Beyond Meditation, p. 25

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