Intuition and the Creation of a Better World

Klein, Joe

"During Clinton's transition, you had all these people writing ad hoc papers about what to do at this agency or how to deal with that policy, but that was an extension of how Clinton's mind works," says one of the many Obama aides who is a veteran of the Clinton Administration. "Clinton had this great horizontal intelligence. He could pull an idea from a meeting he had in northern Italy and apply it to spreading broadband service through Iowa. It was amazing but not exactly efficient. Obama is more vertical. He pushes the process along, streamlines it. We had one 25-to-5o-page policy paper for every agency."

Joe Klein, 'A New Destiny: Barak Obama's Inauguration Showed the World a more Sober, Civil and Exuberant America', in Time Magazine, Vol. 173, No. 4, 2009 (Feb. 2 2009), p.37

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