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Sunday, September 21 2014  

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Please add the radiations of your mind and heart to a Global Vigil of Invocation, Meditation and Prayer in support of International Day of Peace, 2014.

  • Every year the United Nations calls upon individual people of goodwill and groups to observe this important International Day with activities dedicated to the creation of a culture of peace, and to a day of global cease-fire and non-violence. Read more on Peace Day website and the UN Peace Day site.

  • To support this Day on a spiritual level, there will this year be a wide variety of initiatives for silence, meditation and prayer. The UN continues its important focus, inviting the people of the world to observe a minute of silence at 12 noon local time, setting up a wave of silence beginning in New Zealand and flowing around the world to end in Samoa almost 48 hours later. A range of movements are collaborating again this yearwith the vision of co-creating the Largest Globally-Synchronized Meditation and Prayer for Peace in human history : Be the Peace. This includes events around the world as well as three global attunements at 00:00 AM MIDNIGHT and 12:00 PM NOON GMT on the 21st and 00:00 AM MIDNIGHT GMT on the 22nd.

  • As a contribution to the global focus the UN Days & Years Meditation Initiative and Intuition in Service have, since 2002, co-ordinated an international Vigil for the 24 hours of September 21st in all time zones - with the object of joining with people of goodwill around the world to help create an atmosphere of mind and heart that is conducive to the emergence of a culture of peace and goodwill.  Full details on how to participate are here.

A Pulse of Invocative Energy

The 24 hours of September 21st are divided into 15 minute periods in every time zone on the planet. Every 15 minutes, in every time zone, groups and individuals from around the world will use an Invocation for Peace and for the values needed to create cultures of peace. Will you or your group commit yourself to spend specific 15 minute periods in prayer or meditation for a culture of peace and goodwill - beginning and ending the period with a sounding of the Great Invocation, or the Peace Invocation 'May Peace Prevail on Earth',  or an invocation or prayer for world peace of your choice? Imagine the rhythmic pulse of invocation flowing from around the globe every 15 minutes.

Why Register?

Registering means that you make a conscious, planned comitment to take part in the Vigil at specific times of your choosing. By registering you let others who will be meditating at the same time know that you are linking with them. More ...

Registering is easy

Wherever you are in the world you can register to participate for as many 15 minute slots as you wish. You may wish to sign up for different periods [for example: 09:00 AM to 10:00 AM (09:00 - 10:00) 12 noon - 1:00 PM (12:00 - 13:00); 5:00 PM - 6:30PM (17:00 - 18:30); 7:00 - 7:15 PM (19:00 - 19:15)]. Remember your aim is to use the Invocation of your choice every 15 minutes. More ...


How to participate:

1. Register in advance on line - see here for full instructions and in case you have any technical difficulties.

2. Begin precisely on the quarter hour for the times you have registered by using the Great Invocation, 'May Peace Prevail on Earth' or another invocation or world prayer.

3. Link in thought with the others who are linking at the same precise time as you and then with everyone in the world who will be acting for peace on this special day.

4.Reflect on humanity's need for light, love and spiritual purpose... and recognise that each person has a role to play in creating cultures of peace and goodwill.

5.Visualise the lighted, loving energies that can create the mental and emotional understanding and atmosphere within which right relations and peace can flourish in ourselves, our communities, our nations, and our world

6.Use the Great Invocation, 'May Peace Prevail on Earth' or another world prayer of your choice precisely on the quarter hour. As you do this think of the rhythmic pulse of invocation flooding the mental environment of the planet.


Registration or Technical Difficulties?

If you have any technical problems registering or viewing the list of participants PLEASE FIRST CHECK HERE.


What's New

2014  is being observed by United Nations as: Year of Family Farming, Year of Small Island Developing States and Year of Crystallography. Check out meditations  for these themes and a full list of dates for the 2014 UN calendar.

Monthly message 'Please Hold in the Light' - highlighting forthcoming UN Days and major international conferences is available here. To receive these messages by email write: with 'Newsletter' in subject line.


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